Capula celebrates 50 years of innovation

Capula, an Imtech company, was established in May 1969, exactly 50 years ago this month. As well as this milestone, another major technological advancement was happening the very same time; NASA’s Apollo 10 space mission was launched and successfully landed in May 1969, which was a test run for the first moon landing later that year. When we consider that no one has stepped foot on the moon since the final Apollo mission in 1972, it was truly a remarkable achievement.

We’re proud to share our 50th anniversary with such a historic feat and our shared passion for cutting-edge technologies is evident as we consider how Capula’s guiding principles of commitment to innovation, collaboration, and technical excellence weave through our history.

Over the past 50 years, Capula has grown from what today would be known as a ‘start-up’ employing 6 people, into a leading systems integration business and technology disruptor employing more than 260 employees across 5 regional offices. In the early 1980s our passion for innovation led to the design and build of one of the first programmable logic controllers known as the LinkOn, as well as a multi-tasking control system, INSTEMATIC which used its own programming language Inscribe. Through the decades our innovative solutions and technical expertise led the way in advanced digitisation. Nowadays, our systems control the generation of electricity to meet the energy needs of over 26 million people and protect some of the UK’s most critical infrastructure.   

A photo from our drone footage taken in January

“As we celebate our 50th anniversary, it is fitting that the business is in better shape than it’s ever been. We we are now the systems integration arm of Imtech UK & Ireland, who are owned by EDF Energy and Dalkia and our technologies are now far-reaching and widely embedded in major UK organisations such as the NHS, major nuclear operators and across engineering infrastructure for our cities and communities,” said Dave Pickles, Managing Director. “I’m proud to celebrate our 50-year milestone with our employees, clients and partners who I’d like to thank for their commitment to excellence!”

As the world becomes even more connected and automated the increased demands for reliable and safe power supplies must balance the desire for a healthy, sustainable environment. Capula is partnering with leading technology companies and academic institutions to adapt new technologies to address emerging needs. Where we identify value, we work with our partners and our internal R&D teams to ensure innovative ideas are refined, tested, and ready for seamless integration into our customer projects.

“We look forward over the next 50 years to continue designing solutions for our clients and partners that address today’s challenges and become the long-term, sustainable solutions for tomorrow,” commented David Robinson, Head of Innovation and Technology.

Every Thursday during our anniversary month of May 2019, Capula will be participating in throwback Thursday (#TBT) on social media. Check out our LinkedIn and Twitter pages each week to for a glimpse into our history showing some of the highlights of the past 50 years and how we became the digital disruptor that we are today.

Click here to watch the drone footage that we took earlier this year featuring all of our employees celebrating our 50 years in business.

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